Khai Island Snorkelling

Khai Island Snorkelling

Khai Island The three islands of Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nai and Koh Khai...
Only 1,900 THB

Tachai Island Snorkelling

Tachai Island Snorkelling

Tachai Island The three islands of Khai Nok Island, Khai Nai Island and Khai Nui...
Only 4,500 THB

Krabi Island Snorkel Adventure

Krabi Island Snorkel Adventure

Krabi Island Hopping Snorkel Adventure This really is a day of hoping from coral island...
Only 3,900 THB

When You Know That You Really Are a Scuba Diving Instructor

    This can be your office as an instructor on phuket thailand

    When You Know That You Really Are a Phuket Scuba Diving Instructor.

    Thailand Divers
    diving in phuket is a great place for all courses
    Thailand DiversAfter several years of planning you have finally packed your bags and traveled 10,000 miles to the other side of the world to phuket thailand.    You have completed your instructor development course. You have passed your instructor exam, got over the hangover from the I.D.C. party and got you visa and work permit. You are now one of those people living the dream.  You are phuket scuba diving instructor. Or are you?
    Thailand DiversWhen you think back to your days doing your Open Water Course or Advanced course and you are listening to your instructor and all the others talking to each other and all the words and phrases they are using and it sounds like another language. They are all tanned and seem to never have any issues at all on the boats, in the water even after a very late night. The food they eat and the fact they seem to know every single marine creature on the planet along with every dive site known to man.
    Then one day as you finally have a day off at the end of your first high season you take a look in the mirror and you jaw drops. This is you.....


    Thailand DiversThailand DiversYou realize its not always a dream job, though most of the time it is.
    You can work 14 hours a day and may be no day off for three months.
    When the water gets to 26 degrees you think its freezing.
    You learn to accept stupid questions. Yes the sea is salty. You are now blonde as your hair has been bleached in the sun. Rice, fish, soup and chilli are normal breakfasts.  You now are talking in short hand. SMB, BCD, SPG, DSD and a CESA is not just a salad. "Bankok Women Really Are Fella's" has two meanings and one can save your life.  Dive instructors do have ear problems too bit they learn to adapt the dive to get round it.Thailand Divers
    Thailand Divers People who are good "swimmers" may mean they have once been in the water and did not drown.You know after a snorkel test you may need a day off the next day.
    People tell you that you should come back to the real world. But you point out how boring their holidays will be without people like you. How simple your life is compared to theirs.
    The working week and weekends no longer exist. Everday is better than most peoples weekend.Thailand DiversNot everyday is flat sea and blue sky, well ok most are.  I can now talk under water and be understood.Sharks are friends not threats You have signed your name more times than the biggest movie star.  Thailand Divers You can live on less money a month than you did per day back home. Then here you are working everyday and you dont need to spend money.
    Your life is Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.
    You dont have forty meters viz everyday. Sometimes it drops to twenty and your customers still love it as its better than the 2 meters they get in their gravel pit back home.Thailand DiversLiving on a boat for a month with two t-shirts and a pair of shorts does not mean you are lost at sea but living a dream as you are on a live aboard in the similan islands. You know all the girls (or guys) by name in all the bars.
    Now after all of this ask yourself. Who lives in the real world?  Is there a free rehab center for people like me to to help us if we ever need to go back to a big city and wear shoes and watches again.? 
    Now if you still are unaware of whats involved living in phuket thailand. Take a look at the typical office of phuket scuba diving instructor then look out of the window. Who lives in the real world?? If my world looks good then give me call.  We have plenty of office space if you want to move in.
    Thailand Divers
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